Silver Gardens

Green Features
Green Features
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A transit oriented development, Silver Gardens Apartments is located on Silver Avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets across the street from the Alvarado Transportation Center. The Transportation Center is served by Amtrak as well as regional and local bus and the Rail Runner service.

Silver Gardens’ smart growth location helps to reduce residents’ dependency on cars and increase walkability. Silver Gardens is close to the University of New Mexico, Central New Mexico Community College, hospitals, civic services, theaters, museums, restaurants and shopping.
Why Choose Green?
Attention to Location & Indoor Air Quality Equals Healthier Living for Residents &
Their Families

Silver Gardens was built to be a good steward to the environment and to its residents.

  • Location next to transit, businesses and services promotes more walking and less driving
  • Low or Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) primers, paints and sealants reduce harmful toxins in the air
  • Recycled and recyclable carpets reduce unhealthy off-gassing and reduce landfill use
  • No smoking throughout the building and the courtyard ensures fresh air for all

High Efficiency Construction & Fixtures Equals Real Cost Savings for Residents

The following features reduce your monthly utility costs:

  • High performance operable windows, to permit natural ventilation and reflect summer rays, reducing the need for air conditioning
  • High performance recycled and spray insulation, to keep your apartment cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • High efficiency heating and cooling units in each apartment
  • ENERGY STAR® light fixtures
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • High efficiency water heaters
  • State of the art low-flow plumbing fixtures

The US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED
®) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.
Silver Gardens achieved Platinum certification – the highest possible designation!

® is a nationally recognized, third-party certification system that’s based on measurable results. As such, LEED® recognizes the highest performance in green homebuilding. LEED®-certified homes and buildings are energy efficient, use non-toxic building materials, are water-smart, and respect the environment in which they are constructed.

Benefits of living in a LEED
®-certified home:

  • LEED®-certified homes provide economic benefits such as lower energy bills
  • LEED®-certified homes provide benefits to the environment such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less potable water use
  • LEED®-certified homes provide health benefits such as greater fresh air circulation and reduced exposure to indoor toxins

® certification earned for Silver Gardens Apartments includes:

  • 25% improved energy efficiency over standard construction
  • 60% landscaping water use reduction
  • 85% of construction waste diverted from the landfill
Click here for more information about the LEED® system and the U.S. Green Building Council

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